THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day – Which watch should you wear?

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day – Which watch should you wear?

Time:2019-10-21 Author:kakatech

With Valentine’s on our doorstep, we at Geneva Stripes thought we should address the serious matter of what watch you should be wearing. We can’t help you if you turn up late in flip flops but if it’s your wrist then we like to think we know a little something about that. This article will be a very lighthearted look at some the watch options available to you.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?
We can’t help you if you turn up like this

Women notice a man’s wristwatch because it can instantly identify a man’s position in life. It’s a special piece that communicates a personal style and no matter what watch you wear, you’re making a statement about who you are and what’s important to you.

Even to someone who doesn’t know anything about watches, when they see someone wearing one in the modern world of cellphones, they assume the wearer is conscientious and dependable. If time isn’t important to him why would he be wearing a watch? Bang! You’ve already made a great first impression.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?
You want your date to see the best part of you

For a date, spending some time on your choice is well advised – Timex and Casio come across either too sensible or speak more about your frugality than your sense of style, while the high end brands like Richard Mille and Bvlgari are way too excessive on a first date – created more for pure show than serious timekeeping.

For those who lost big on the Shanghai Composite

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?
If you are on a tight budget, we fully sympathise – you’re probably more worried about the cost of the meal rather than the wristwatch you choose to wear. Don’t despair, Geneva Stripes has you covered. One way around your lack of funds is to ask your father to lend you his watch. This sounds like I’m joking – I’m not. It is likely a respectable timepiece and more than likely is worn in, therefore not appearing as though you only bought it specifically for your date. Your father’s wristwatch will also most have an air of maturity that you could only wish you had.  However, don’t say we didn’t give you prior warning – if she sees your father wearing it at any time, you could be in trouble. Confidently inform her your father took a fancy to it and therefore you gave it to him. otherwise you just made the ultimate mistake of lying and not getting away with it. And remember to inform your father well ahead of time.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?
Vintage and aged watches often exude a class that money can’t buy (Omega Seamaster)

If this isn’t an option, then the Black Suit or Once Again watches from the Swatch Originals collection is a good choice. First of foremost it shows a fun side of you, someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and conveys an inner confidence. Due to the price point and reliability of Swatch as a brand, it also conveys a sensible practical functional side to you but in a good way.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?
The Swatch Once Again shows a fun side of you

And in the event that you lost more than you could ever admit on the Shanghai Composite, fear not, there is still one more option. Simply purchase a black leather strapped, round watch face with a basic white or off white dial, similar to below. It is the go to classic design that will work in most important events in life. At no point should you consider going without a watch.

For those who lost on the Shanghai Composite but still have a 20 000RMB to spare

For those who didn’t quite lose everything and still want to make a good impression on their date then check out the German brand Nomos. Their watches are going in popularity year on year and their value is sure to go up too. It’s not hard to see why. The designs are clean and classic with a very modern look. Furthermore, in this price range you can get an automatic wristwatch and some are even in house – that’s great value at this price point.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?

Another brand which is attracting a following is Mondaine. Their watches faces are similar between watches and aren’t to everyone’s taste but are unique in their dial appearance. It is actually modelled on the Suisse Railway Clock and the red second hand is a nice touch to have.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?
A Mondaine could be the message you want to give

Both these watches are dressy in their nature and therefore if you would show a more a sporty side of your nature to your date then we have two options for you.

The first is the Jorg Gray JG6500. You might think that this watch looks quite normal but actually it is very versatile. The chronograph gives a sporty feel but also coupled with a leather strap tones it down slightly balancing it for evening and suit wear. However – what makes this watch a real talking point is that Barack Obama wears this watch on most occasions. That’s a conversation starter if you run out of things to talk about.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?
Who wears this? Barack Obama.

The second watch sports watch is the Seiko 4R36. This is also known affectionately as the Seiko Orange Monster and is Seiko’s diver’s watch. It is extremely popular and has developed quite a cult following of the years as you can probably tell from the name. It also comes in black version that is also nice. This has a rugged no nonsense look with real presence on your wrist. The orange face will really catch the eye and your date will definitely notice this as long as she isn’t blindly in love with you. Incidentally, in case she asks – the reason why the dial is orange is to help scuba divers read the watch while they are deep in the water – its for legibility purposes – see how I just made you sound so cool?! Thank me later.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?
Seiko Orange Monster is bold and brash but confident

For those who have that extra 10 000RMB to spend, it is actually a bit of an awkward position as you are in very close to the real good stuff but not quite there. My advice here would be actually what until you can afford a real timepiece and make sure once you save that money, don’t go buying into some stocks again!

However, if you are determined to buy something and aren’t keen on the lower watch brands mentioned then here is something there is a brand that might work for you and that is Longines. Longines specialises at this price point and I personally am a big fan of their Master Collection. The moonphase is actually really great value – you won’t find anything like this at this price point. This pieces are extremely elegant with great detail on the dial. This is a serious timepiece and definitely robust enough to be suitable for not only those more important occasions but for every day wear.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?

The Longines Moonphase is great value at this price point

If you were sensible and didn’t buy any shares and have 50 000RMB to spend

At this particular price bracket you have a huge selection to choose from and are really spoilt for choice. Therefore, Geneva Stripes is going to select just a single watch that we really think you should consider buying and that is the Jaeger LeCoultre Reverso.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?

The perfect gentleman’s watch

It is very rare to find a rectangular watch that is works so well on many different types of wrist. Even those who have a prejudice towards rectangular watches should at least try one of these one. Made in the 1930s, when Art Deco was popular, the design cues are very much representative of that time.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?
JLC Reverso Ultra Thin Duo

In many watch enthusiasts’ eyes, this watch is arguably the most elegant watch ever made. Also, for those who love a story, the Reverso has one. We won’t spoil it and this watch is worthy of an article just for itself so we will save that for another time but in the meantime just trust us when we say that this watch should be in everyone’s collection whether it is Valentine’s or not.

For those who don’t have a budget

This is easiest section to write. When money is no object, the Patek Philippe Calatrava collection is the wristwatch of choice. Without elaborating too much, Patek Philippe reigns imperiously as the Rolls Royce of watches. Forget taking your date to some fancy restaurant – just take her to see the sunset in your helicopter and then land it on the helipad of your yacht before getting your private chef to cook you something in your private dining room. Joking aside, although you may not wear this watch often, when you do, it will perform imperiously above all other watches. It’s almost as though this watch was built for times like this.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?

Patek Philiipe Calatrava Ref. 5153R-001

Everything about this watch approaches perfection – the proportion of the size hands, numerals, case size, strap, and dial – It is one of the hardest things in watchmaking to achieve. – when things are this simple, its very hard to mask even the simplest of mistakes.

THE JOURNAL: Valentine’s Day - Which watch should you wear?

The Ref. 5227 is a personal favourite of Geneva Stripes

For those who look at this watch and don’t get it, then don’t worry. Like the very best things that life has to offer it often requires time and patience for a full appreciation to be formed.

At the end of the day, what watch you wear of course won’t make a difference to what you wear on your wrist. Honestly. The watch however should be an extension of yourself. Of course a well tailored suit is often enough to make a good impression, but everyone knows, building your suit up with accessories such as pocket handkerchiefs, cufflinks, tiebar, shoes and socks is what elevates you to a different level, and the wristwatch remains at the top of the accessories in your arsenal.