Omega Cal. 125 Years

Omega Cal. 125 Years

Time:2019-10-30 Author:kakatech

In 1894, with the advent of the revolutionary 19-odd “Omega” movement, a brand name that was widely known in the watchmaking industry was born. To celebrate the 125th anniversary of the brand name, Omega held a commemorative event in Bill, Switzerland, where the brand headquarters is located.

The event was held in the Omega Museum. The museum’s collections showcase the brand’s classic timepieces, and the Omega journeys created by the brand are presented in a unique way, allowing guests to experience every moment of Omega’s 125 years of history and the birth of the brand name.

Omega Cal. 125 Years

Before the company was renamed “OMEGA”, the founder of the brand, Louis Brant, founded a watchmaking workshop in 1848. About half a century later, in 1894, his two sons, Louis Paul and Cesar, created a 19-calibre movement and changed the development of the entire watchmaking industry.

The 19-calibre movement uses an innovative mechanical structure that completes the winding and timing with the crown. The production model of this movement is equally impressive. For the first time, Omega has adopted an industrial-scale production line, which is the first of its kind in the watch industry. This means that all movement parts are replaceable, making the assembly of the movement more efficient and streamlined.

Omega Cal. 125 Years

Omega pocket watch with original 19-calibre movement

The 19-calibre has been a great success for its originality, industrial production, precision and aesthetics. The Brandt brothers named this revolutionary movement “Omega.” The name is taken from the last letter in Greek and symbolizes “perfection, achievement and excellence”. In 1903, in order to commemorate the success of the 19th movement, the Brandt brothers renamed the company “Omega.”

Omega CEO An Shiwen said at the event: “We are proud to represent the brand’s 125th anniversary of the famous Omega brand. Omega is the world’s rare name for the movement. The watchmaking brand, which represents our relentless pursuit of precision. Omega is a well-known name in many fields: from human feuding to the moon, to the official timing of the Olympics, from the choice of James Bond to the ocean adventure, The 125th anniversary of the birth of ‘Omega’ is undoubtedly worth celebrating.”

Omega also released two new masterpieces at the event.

One of the shocking works reappears the classic 19-calibre “Omega” movement and gives it a new life.

Omega Cal. 125 Years

Since the original 19-calibre movement was halted production in 1923, the last batch of 19-inch movement parts that have been officially produced has been sealed for nearly a century. In 2019, the parts were taken from the Omega Museum collection in Biel and refurbished by experts from the Omega Tourbillon workshop to reproduce 19 19-calibre movements.

The movement’s main plate, other splints, escapement and bimetallic balance are assembled from the original 19-calibre movement, giving it a true historical and heritage spirit.

Omega Cal. 125 Years

Original 19-calibre movement disassembly picture

Omega has also revolutionized the 21st century 19-calibre movement with upgraded and innovative parts, including springs, barrels and screws. The gemstone sleeve and ruby have been redesigned and the entire drive train has been recalculated to meet modern watchmaking standards. At the same time, the 19th movement will be equipped with an innovative Swiss needle structure for the first time, which will greatly enhance the performance of the movement.

In addition, Omega also uses the Damascus ornament, which was first adopted by the brand in the early 20th century, to decorate the movement, which has improved the quality of this movement.

Omega Cal. 125 Years

The original 19-calibre movement features a pattern made from complex Damascus craftsmanship

Omega will also launch a new half-hunt pocket watch with a 19-calibre that will be reborn, with the crown at 3 o’clock.

To commemorate the glory of the 125th anniversary of the birth of Omega, another masterpiece released by Omega at the event is the 125th anniversary of the Omega Discs.

Omega Cal. 125 Years


The new watch continues the minimalist style of the Omega Discs’ collection of men’s watches. The 40mm case is crafted in yellow 18K gold with a curved dial and elegant hands. Inspired by the brand’s signature red, Omega is the first to introduce a red enamel dial that complements the Burgundy red leather strap.

The design of the back is equally fascinating. To commemorate the 125th anniversary of the birth of the brand name, a yellow 18K gold badge is set on the back of the watch and covered with red enamel. The emblem is engraved with Damascus ornamentation, which was originally used on the original 19-calibre “Omega” movement.

Omega Cal. 125 Years

The watch is equipped with the Omega 8929 to the Observatory movement, the first hand-wound Olympic movement of Omega, to pay tribute to the brand’s famous 19-calibre movement.