About Us

“Time to be yourself” That’s the motto at kkwatches.com. A wristwatch is not only about to show you the time, but also match your dress for special occasions, expressing what makes you your own. A watch says a lot about you and helps you stand out. Choosing the right watch, it’s time to be yourself now.

Founded in 2012, kkwatches dedicates to sourcing world famous watch brands.Here on kkwatches.com, you could get Armani, Rolex, Casio wristwatch at a wholesale price.

Kkwaches owns factory with over 10 years experience in producing exquisite watches. Our designer team consists of more than 10 amazing people, creating products from classic style to modern fashion. We also do custom products and products with logo for companies. Meeting customer’s demand have always been our vital goal.